Transformational Leaders Dinner

Transformational Leaders Dinner
Published: 4 February 2020

In an age of continuous change, we are constantly challenged to find fresh, innovative solutions to keep ahead of the curve for sustainable and profitable growth. Berwick Talent Solutions were delighted to host an engaging and insightful evening, attended by 20 technology leaders from across the UK’s key industry sectors: manufacturing, construction, retail, professional services and the public sector.

Earlier this week, Shreyas Mysore, CIO of BMI Group, was guest speaker at our Transformation Leadership Dinner. BMI Group have been fortunate to be at the top of their game within the roofing and waterproofing industry for a long time, but as Shreyas says, when you’ve reached the summit, it’s time to change. He spoke passionately about how technology could be used as an enabler for business transformation in a traditional manufacturing business that had no apparent burning platform. BMI Group, under Shreyas’ leadership, successfully launched a new technology hub in Reading in April 2019, hiring 130 experienced IT and digital employees, with an emphasis on appointing diverse teams.

Shreyas is the youngest member of the management board at BMI Group. When he was appointed as CIO in 2018, he had not previously worked within the construction sector, let alone roofing. Shreyas demonstrated why thinking differently is essential for driving change, innovation, and accelerating positive business outcomes. During the evening, we talked about how thinking differently starts with the people we hire – being deliberate about building diverse teams, not teams made up of ‘people like us’, but teams that will expand what we already have and who we already are. Diversity is fundamental to the future success of the business. It’s fair to say that Shreyas has achieved the environment he had always envisioned – you can feel the positive energy and buzz when walking the floors at their Reading hub, a manifestation of his deliberate aim to create teams as diverse as they could possibly be.

Diversity is, as we know, nothing without its good friend, Inclusion. Again, a walk across their vibrant office will show floor-to-ceiling message boards which everyone is actively encouraged to contribute to with their ideas for everything from technological innovation to company socials. The workspace has been designed to encourage communication and creativity. It’s clear to see that this is an environment that has been carefully curated down to the very last detail, to give every employee the best chance of success.

We discussed the need to hire for talent, in order to future-proof our respective businesses, securing skill sets that will become increasingly desirable and necessary for the evolving workforce. After all, millennials are already in senior management positions with Gen-Z populations hot on their heels, rising through the ranks. 

Finally, we touched on the importance of self-care in leadership positions and in life. Being able to bring 100% of yourself to work each and every day sets an example, inspiring and encouraging those around you to do the same. A great piece of advice and a note to end on: check in with yourself when you’ve reached an important milestone. Look back over the last quarter, or the last project you’ve completed, and take time to think about what you could have done better to help determine what you would do differently next time around. 

The evening was a resounding success with flowing conversation, interesting opinions and a great networking opportunity. Thank you to everyone who made it such an enjoyable event, not least Shreyas and the team from BMI Group. We look forward to hosting our next event in the near future. Watch this space!

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