Sectors & functions

Functional and sector expertise 

At Berwick Talent Solutions, we work in close collaboration with Berwick Partners’ specialist consultants, using our combined expert knowledge to deliver the highest levels of market reach and insight.

Expert consultants 

Each volume recruitment campaign, market mapping or talent pipelining project requires a different focus.

At Berwick Talent Solutions, we have expert consultants who can advise on recruitment strategy and access established candidate networks. These include:

  • Functional experts – who understand the nuances of different roles and how that differs between industries, regions or sectors
  • Sector experts – who understand the current hiring eco-system, have specialist knowledge and current networks 
  • Regional experts – who understand the local recruitment market, potential talent pool and the competitive landscape

A single point of contact

One of the key differentiators of the Berwick Talent Solutions approach is that you access all of this knowledge through a single dedicated point of contact – your Campaign Director.

This means that you can rely on unrivalled expertise, experience and reach and still benefit from an agile, easy-to-manage, fully tailored response to your specific recruitment needs.

Download our report Strategic Workforce Planning

Define and optimise your workforce in order to support the execution of your business strategy.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Berwick Talent Solutions in action

We were retained to deliver a complex global recruitment campaign for 200 + functional roles.

Case Study

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