Logistics Service Representative – Import/Export
Zhangjiagang, China

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The Company

Trinseo is a world leader in the production of plastics, latex binders, and synthetic rubber - a new kind of global materials company at the intersection of people, technology, and customers, built on several decades of technology leadership.

We are focused on delivering innovative and sustainable products that touch lives every day – products that are intrinsic to how we live our lives – across a wide range of end-markets. Our materials can be found in just about every market and industry from consumer electronics, appliances, medical devices and performance car tires.

By 2020, we plan to have completely revolutionized our global operations, in order to support the continued success.

We have launched an exciting, transformation programme called T2020, where you will be given the opportunity from day one to bring new ideas, innovation and support to Trinseo into the next chapter in its story.

For more information about Program T2020 and the opportunities available, please visit The T2020 Career Center at https://t2020.trinseo.com

盛禧奥是一家全球性的材料解决方案供应商,以及塑料、胶乳粘合剂与合成橡胶的制造商 ,是一家以人才,科技与客户并重的与众不同的全球性材料公司。

盛禧奥专注于提供创新、可持续的解决方案,帮助客户打造与我们的生活息息相关的产品, 而这些产品在广泛的终端市场影响着我们的日常生活。我们的材料应用于各种不同的领域和市场,例如电子电器,医疗,汽车以及其他消耗部件等等。





The Role

The purpose of this job is to support Trinseo business objectives by:

• 这项工作的目的是主要通过以下内容支持盛禧奥的业务目标:

• Assuring the delivery of material to our customer’s requested destination safely, on-time, undamaged, and with the right paperwork.

• 确保将材料安全,准时,无损地运送到客户要求的目的地,并完成相关的文书工作。

• Resolving logistics issues quickly with the appropriate action taken.

• 采取适当的措施,迅速解决物流问题。

• Monitoring logistics costs for accuracy.

• 监控物流成本以确保其准确性。

• Driving improvements through identification of work process improvements, root cause investigations, and reporting / data analysis.

• 推进相关改良方案,改进相关工作流程,根本原因调查和报告/数据分析。

• Effectively manage and monitor timely international trade shipments (all or parts of truck & Marine Packed Cargo) and administer logistics transactional movements including logistics changes and exceptions requiring special arrangements.

• 有效管理和监控相关的国际贸易运输(所有的卡车和海运)并管理变动的物流交易,包括物流变更和相关的特殊安排。

• Facilitate logistics service provider relationships (carriers, brokers and warehouses) including providing input on performance.

• 促进与物流服务商的关系(承运人,经纪人和仓库),以此提供更好的绩效。

• Provide effective and timely communication across internal and external partners.

• 提供或跟进有效和及时的内外部合作伙伴的沟通。

The Person

• Bachelor’s Degree in a business, logistics, supply chain, finance, or technology related field is preferred. 优先考虑学业文凭来自于商业,物流,供应链,金融或技术相关领域,同时也考虑具有其他资格的学业文凭。

• 2+ years’ experience in a relevant service role (e.g. Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Customer Service, Finance, or Supply Chain disciplines) 需要有2年以上的工作经验的人选,主要侧重于物流服务相关的职位(例如采购,战略资源布局,客户服务,财务或供应链原则)。

• Managing multiple and conflicting priorities. 善于管理多个优先或突发事件。

• Effective problem solving. 具有良好的解决问题能力。

• Exceptional interpersonal skills. 卓越的人际交往能力。

• Attention to detail. 细节注重。

• Follow through to resolution. 遵循解决方案。

• Meeting business service standards. 履行业务服务标准。

• Proficient in Microsoft Office suite. 精通Microsoft Office套件。

• Spoken and written fluency in English and Chinese required. 流利的中英口语以及写作

For more information about Program T2020 and the opportunities available, please visit The T2020 Career Center at https://t2020.trinseo.com



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